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An Osiran sphinx
Type Magical beast
CR Varies
Environment Warm deserts and hills
Images of sphinxes

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 257

Sphinxes are enigmatic creatures with great, feathery wings like a falcon, leonine lower bodies, and the upper bodies of various humanoid creatures and animals. They are known for their love of knowledge and riddles in particular. All sphinxes are territorial, but generally give intruders plenty of warning before attacking.[1]

Sphinx species

There are eight known races of sphinx that inhabit Golarion, although the gynosphinx is the most well-known.[1] Other species of sphinxes include the powerful male androsphinx,[2] the ram-headed criosphinx,[3] the evil, jackal-headed cynosphinx,[4] the vulture-headed gypsosphinx,[5] the falcon-headed hieracosphinx,[6] the tiny pseudosphinx,[7] and the elder sphinx, the most powerful of the sphinx race.[8]

Habitat & society

Sphinxes are the divinely-appointed guardians of Osirion. They are said to have created the first living monoliths, and knowledge of their language is necessary to become a living monolith.[9]


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