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Nation Katapesh
Size Village
Population 100+
Government Council
Leader Richele Gerst
Kerek Cullstone

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 13

Commonfield is more of a collection of pesh-farming homesteads in western Katapesh than a town, but it represents the nation's densest concentration of pesh farming. Twenty-two farmers, their families, and their hired hands call Commonfield's 36 farms home. These farmers are, for the most part, hardworking and honest; their crops are precious, requiring them to post guards at night.

The five wealthiest farmers meet weekly to discuss coordinating guard patrols, how the season fares, any insect or rodent pests affecting the crop, and other topics. Two notable members of the the council are the half-elf Richele Gerst and the halfling Kerek Cullstone.[1]