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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 207 (1E)

Droon is one of the coastal nations of Southern Garund, beyond the Inner Sea region. It is generally considered to be one of the region's two most powerful nations (the other is Holomog). The land consists mainly of swampy river deltas, and is ruled by dinosaur-riding lizardfolk,1 and is the center of Iruxi culture.2

The nation shares its name with the most common trade language of southern Garund, Drooni.34


Droon exports dinosaur leather as part of the Antarkos Sweep trade route.5 In Kibwe, iruxis of Droon trade rare plant seeds in exchange for uncut diamonds.6


Iruxi are the central inhabitants of Droon that interact greatly with dinosaurs. Nobles settle feuds by participating in ceratosaur duels, sauropod caravan trains help transport goods across extremely difficult terrain, and thieves will be aided by their whistling velociraptor lookouts.7


Grandmother Spider is one of the main goddesses worshiped among the citizens of Droon.8 Though the Night Heralds are also active in the area, the people of Droon would rather see them fully removed, and see them more as a shameful burden of their past.9

Lixiriltha also has a small cult operating in secrecy here.10


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