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Azata worship
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 207 (1E)

Dehrukani is one of the coastal nations of Southern Garund, beyond the Inner Sea region, whose inhabitants worship azatas and azata empyreal lords such as Ashava, Cernunnos, and Lalaci.12 It is a beautiful and peaceful land, known for the many wondrous crystal towers built with celestial aid.1 Dehrukani also trades crystals throughout Garund via the Antarkos Sweep trade route.3


Many musetouched aasimars travel to the city due to their innate wanderlust and find that, in Dehrukani, they are worshiped as holy beings.4 As a result, many aasimars of Garund either reside in or come from Dehrukani.5


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