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Alijae elves
Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 14

The Alijae are a tribe of Mualijae elves who inhabit the northern jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. They compete for living space with the region's tribes of lizardfolk and boggard.1

They do their best to protect the ruins of Nagisa, the White City, from outside explorers.1 Alijae culture centers on the ongoing efforts to study and purify Nagisa from extensive fiendish corruption.2


Alijae have dark brown skin like all of the Mualijae peoples, but display higher-than-average rates of albinism and vitiligo, leading to patches and patterns of lighter skin and white hair. Their eyes are bright, often flecked with or glowing shades of red and orange.3 Most Alijae have curled, dark brown hair.4


The Mualijae had a prophecy that foretold and warned of an "ancient evil" somehow tied to their people's destiny, with opinions on what the prophecy warned of bitterly divided. The ancestors of the Alijae broke from the others not only in their opinion of what the evil was, but also to abandon a longtime tradition of keeping the prophecy as an oral history, instead writing it down for the first time.5 The travels of these early Alijae brought them to the city of Nagisa in -5014 AR,6 abandoned in the jungle but clearly of unknown elven make, who quickly found the city's pyramids to be temples of various demon lords, holding open portals to the Outer Rifts. Feeling justified in their decision to strike out from the other Mualijae, the Alijae dedicated themselves to explore and understand Nagisa, working to purify the demonic totems within the ancient pyramids and cleanse the city.7


Faith is considered a deeply personal matter among the Alijae, in part because of a lack of cultural stigma against entering into pacts with fiends in pursuit of knowledge. Nocticula is popular among those in Nagisa, who use her pyramid within the city as a workshop; others tend to worship Desna, Findeladlara, Irori, and Nethys.8


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