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Capital Domithari
Government Elected council
Languages Anadi
Religions Grandmother Spider

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 207 (1E)

Nurvatcha, often spelt Nurvatchta,[1] is one of the coastal nations of Southern Garund, south of the Inner Sea region. Its inhabitants are the reclusive spider-like humanoids known as the anadi, who often use their natural illusion magic to hide their true natures, giving rise to the rumor that they transform into horrible spider-like monsters every sunset.[2][3]


Nurvatcha exports silk textiles as part of the Antarkos Sweep trade route.[4]


Nurvatcha is home to the largest population of anadi in Garund.[5][6]


Nurvatcha is unique in Garund in that worship of Grandmother Spider, or "Nana Spider" as they sometimes call her,[7] is so prominent that she is worshiped at a national level. To the point where many of her clerics and oracles hold government positions, and many official state services are held in one of her temples.

The anadi worship Grandmother Spider via a number of ways, including song, stringed instruments, dance, and feasts.[8]

Many anadi believe that Grandmother Spider rescued them from ancient servitude. According to legend, she plucked dewdrops from her web and hung them in the sky to guide them in the darkness.[7]


  • Domithari, the capital and seat of Nurvatcha's council of elected officials, as well as the location of the Empty Throne, an honorary empty seat reserved for Grandmother Spider
  • Majabi, where the nation's finest scholars congregate, and where the First Weave, a magically-infused tapestry detailing the earliest anadi transformation spells, can be found[9]


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