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Two Mualijae elves.
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The three nations of elves in the Mwangi Expanse who remained on Golarion when the others fled to Sovyrian are collectively referred to as the Mualijae.123

Elven nations

The Mualijae were once part of a single nation but have splintered into three district groups called the Alijae, Ekujae, and Kallijae.3 In the western region, the Ekujae hold a position of both fear and reverence as they fiercely guard the forest, engaging in a relentless guerrilla war against the Aspis Consortium that has persisted for a decade. In the northwest, the Kallijae have dedicated themselves to protecting the local inhabitants, be they elven or otherwise, from the relentless raids conducted by Usaro's marauding bands. In the northern jungles, the Alijae stand as defenders of the elven ruins known as Nagisa, the White City, ensuring that ignorant explorers do not unwittingly release the malevolent forces contained within its ancient walls.3


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