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Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 42

Zhanagorr is the monstrous ruler of the half-drowned nation of Wanshou in Tian Xia. Zhanagorr is an elder kraken with midnight-black skin who emerged from the depths of the Xidao Gulf.1


Zhanagorr came to rule Wanshou in the wake of the fall of Imperial Lung Wa. After the empire fell, Wanshou's people rose in bloody rebellion against their cruel masters. The war was long and vicious but the people eventually overthrew their former rulers. Almost immediately after the rebellion was over, the land was ravaged by constant storms of unprecedented strength.

In their desperation, the oracles of Wanshou called out for aid; Zhanagorr answered. Zhanagorr swept into Wanshou's port capital of Numijaan accompanied by a fresh wave of storms and tsunamis that wiped out nearly eighty percent of the city. His power demonstrated, Zhanagorr quelled the storms using his mastery of weather magic but his price was total dominion over Wanshou.

This was over a century ago in 4611 AR and Zhanagorr still rules to this day. Though no one is sure of his ultimate goal, many believe Zhanagorr intends to invade the neighbouring athamaru2 nation of Xidao.1


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