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We Be 5uper Goblins!

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We Be 5uper Goblins!
We Be 5uper Goblins!

Print: $5.00
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June 18, 2018 (print)
July 1, 2018 (PDF)
16 pages
Rules set

We Be 5uper Goblins!, a special 16-page Pathfinder Module for 6th-level characters written by Crystal Frasier, was released on June 18, 2018 as part of Free RPG Day 2018, and to the Paizo store on July 1, 2018.

We Got it in the Bag!The Birdcruncher goblin tribe has risen to remarkable heights under the leadership of its four goblin "hero-chiefs"—Reta Bigbad the fighter, Chuffy Lickwound the rogue, Poog the cleric of Zarongel, and Mogmurch the alchemist. But these legendary goblins have outgrown their tiny fiefdom, and they want to explore beyond the same, boring corner of Varisia they've known all their lives. Luckily for them, their minions have brought them something new and interesting to help cure their relentless boredom. A mysterious magic bag offers more adventure than even the goblin chieftains originally realized!

After an evening of drunken revelry, the goblins awaken to discover the most precious member of the tribe, the pig Squealy Nord, has gone missing! Both Nord and a trio of precocious goblin warriors vanished during the night, and the only clue to their whereabouts is a trail of footprints leading into the magic bag. The Birdcruncher chieftains must venture inside the mysterious bag, from which few things have returned, if they're to have any hope of seeing their beloved pig again!

We Be 5uper Goblins! is an adventure for four 6th-level goblin characters, written for the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The adventure takes place in both the land of Varisia and a bizarre demiplane within the Pathfinder campaign setting, and it serves as a sequel to the modules We Be Goblins!, We Be Goblins Too!, We Be Goblins Free!, and We B4 Goblins!, Paizo's popular series of Free RPG Day adventures!


Part 1: We Be Honored
p. 3
Part 2; Adventures in the Baglands
p. 4
Pregenerated Characters
p. 12

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