Squealy Nord

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Squealy Nord
Squealy Nord.

Source: We Be Goblins Free!, pg(s). 11

Squealy Nord is a vocal pig who escaped from a farm near Sandpoint in Varisia as a piglet2 and grew to become an accomplished truffle hunter,3 the warpig of choice among the Birdcruncher goblins of Brinestump Marsh,4 and animal companion to Poog of Zarongel.5


Squealy Nord is a dirty pink pig.678


As the animal companion of Poog, Squealy Nord often joins his fellow goblin adventurers Reta Bigbad, Mogmurch, and Chuffy.5


Squealy Nord was a piglet on Paddlefoot Farm, about three miles southeast of Brinestump Marsh, when he was released during a goblin raid of the wedding of Winnius and Wellma Paddlefoot.9


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