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The Dragon's Demand

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The Dragon's Demand
The Dragon's Demand.

Print: $24.99
PDF: $19.99
July 2013
64 pages
ISBN 978-1-60125-527-3
Rules set
This article is about the Pathfinder Modules adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. For the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game adventure path, see Core Set.

The Dragon's Demand, a dungeon and wilderness adventure for 1st-level characters written by Mike Shel, was released in July 2013. This adventure marks a relaunch of the Pathfinder Modules line, offering an increased page count and a two-sided color poster map, and shifting to a quarterly release schedule.

Dragonslayers Wanted!Founded by a famous dragonslayer, the small town of Belhaim has become a sleepy rural community just off the beaten path, a settlement where everyone knows everyone and strangers are the talk of the town. But when Belhaim's peace and quiet is shattered by the sudden collapse of the last standing tower of its founder's castle, things quickly bloom out of control. Why were there bodies of kobolds amid the rubble? What's the sinister secret behind the strange sounds of flapping wings in the night? And what's happened to local wizard Balthus Hunclay, who's not answering knocks on his door? The collapsed tower had long been an eyesore to the cantankerous old man—could he have had something to do with its destruction? And what of the rumors of strange stirrings in nearby Dragonfen? Has Belhaim's ancient draconic nemesis returned?

The Dragon's Demand is a deluxe super-adventure for 1st-level characters, and includes 64 action-packed pages of adventure and new monsters, plus a beautiful double-sided, full-color poster map of the town of Belhaim and an important miniatures-scale battleground! Players can expect to reach 7th level by the time they complete this epic adventure—if they manage to survive the wrath of a dragon when his demands aren't met!

Adventure overview



p. 2
Chapter 1: Welcome to Belhaim
p. 4
Chapter 2: The Wizard's Estate
p. 20
Chapter 3: Dragonslayers
p. 32
Appendix 1: Belhaim
p. 58

A brief overview of the town of Belhaim.

Appendix 2: New Monsters
p. 62

Two new monsters: grioth and yangethe.


Just before publication, Paizo presented a 'wallpaper' version of the front cover on the Paizo Blog.

The Dragon's Demand cover wallpaper.