The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #4:
The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
Author(s) Craig Shackleton
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price PDF: $3.99
Released August 2008
Type Pathfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Pages 16 pages
Rules set D&D 3.5
Series Pathfinder Society
Season 0 scenarios
Follows Murder on the Silken Caravan
Precedes Mists of Mwangi
Artwork from The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

The Frozen Fingers of Midnight, a Pathfinder Society scenario written by Craig Shackleton for tier 1-5, was released in August 2008.

Skelg the Ripper, envoy from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, lies wasting in his villa on the outskirts of Absalom. A frigid curse followed Skelg from his northern homeland and grips his bearish heart in its frosty embrace. As the bizarre freezing ailment pushes Skelg to the brink of death, the Society dispatches you and your fellow Pathfinders to uncover the secrets of the freezing curse before Absalom falls to its icy grip.

Scenario overview

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  • Type
  • Urban
  • Location(s)
  • Absalom
  • Ivy District
  • Docks
  • Recurring characters, concepts, & locations

    The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the publications listed below:

    Map support

    The Frozen Fingers of Midnight uses two custom maps.