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Ruins of Bonekeep Level 3: The Wakening Tomb

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Ruins of Bonekeep Level Three: The Wakening Tomb
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Book - Pathfinder Society scenario

The Wakening Tomb, a Pathfinder Society scenario by Jason Bulmahn for tier 5-9, was released as a convention exclusive in August 2014.

The Pathfinders descend deeper into the ruins of Bonekeep, a centuries-old siege fortress. The deeper dungeons hold even deadlier threats, yet even they cannot compare to the terrible revelations of the tower's true purpose.

Scenario overview


The Wakening Tomb is the third part of the three-part Ruins of Bonekeep series:

  1. Ruins of Bonekeep Level 1: The Silent Grave
  2. Ruins of Bonekeep Level 2: Maze of the Mind Slave
  3. Ruins of Bonekeep Level 3: The Wakening Tomb

Recurring characters, concepts, and locations

The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the publications listed below:

Map support

Ruins of Bonekeep Level 3: The Wakening Tomb uses one custom map.