Ivy District

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Ivy District
Map of the Ivy District
(City district)
Nation Absalom
Population 1,500
Demographics 79% human, 9% halfling, 5% elf, 3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf, l% half-orc
Government Conventional (Ivy District Council)
Leader Nomarch Alain Always

Source: Gallery of Evil, pg(s). 23

Absalom's Ivy District is considered the capital of the arts in the Inner Sea.[1] It is by far the smallest of the city's districts. It derives its name from its tree-lined streets, which attracts a wealthier and more aristocratic demographic than the seedier parts of town located down the bluff toward the harbor. Filled with manor homes, gardens, theaters, galleries, and discrete parlor houses, the Ivy District draws an eclectic array of artists, minor nobles and famous actors. It is also one of the safer parts of Absalom, relatively free from the violent crimes one would expect in Puddles or even the Coins.[2] The Ivy District is home to a large percentage of Absalom's elven and half-elven population, perhaps because of its natural beauty.[3]

Lighthearted rivalries have become the staple relationship between local performers, with works mocking and belittling other artists and their creations being commonplace. These bardic feuds have given rise to the district's most famous celebrities.[1]


Ivy District is packed full of narrow streets filled with performers, breathtaking architecture and gardens, finest artistic venues and attractions. Students and artists flock here to study in one of Inner Sea's most famous musical academies, the White Grotto, although it is not the only place here for artists to develop their skills - a handful of formal schools scatter the Ivy District, and working experts offer private lessons for anyone willing to pay for them.[1]

Some of the most notable places of interest in the Ivy District include Absalom's premier musical academy, the White Grotto,[3] the Vault of Abadar, one of the god's most holy churches, and a gnomish-run magic shop known as the Laughing Sword.[4]

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Ivy District Council

The Ivy District Council is the local district council, led by Nomarch Alain Always. The council is quite corrupt, and biased towards tourists and Street Performers and Actors’ Guild (which is, coincidentally, also led by Alain Always).[1]

The Thistleguard

The Thistleguard is the local district watch led by captain Zharep Apul. The guard is infamous for its lackluster enforcement of district's policies and a habit of turning a blind eye on crimes commited by tourists.[5]

Brotherhood of Abadar

The Brotherhood of Abadar is a vigilante committee that often does what the corrupt guards won't. They are favored by locals and often hired as private guards for various events.[5]

Criminals and Criminal organizations

Ivy District is one of the safest places in Absalom, and local crime is often petty and almost never violent. District's popularity among tourists and its famous entertainment venues mean that small-time criminals such as prostitutes and drug dealers thrive among the hedonistic residents and visitors. A small number of street gangs engage in counter-cultural art, usually using illusions to create magical temporary graffiti (which also caused a demand for immediate dispelling services among impatient nobility) and host performances on temporary stages that can easily be dismissed by the time the guard arrives. Most big criminals are ambitious thieves drawn here by priceless works of art and local nobles' riches.[2][5]

Although district's official guard is the Thistleguard, the Brotherhood of Abadar is much more ardent and preferred by locals.[5]

Known active criminal groups in the district are: the Bloody Barbers, the Brattlebunch, the Crowsworn, the Forthright, the Silkenhand, and the Smoke Knights.[5]


Over the last century nobles, attracted by district's first-class entertainment, have been buying up land for personal villas and gardens, leaving little space for artists and students. Nowadays, small dorms that once offered comfortable and affordable living are overflowing with people in desperate need of housing, and survival here is impossible without favor of district's nobles.[1]


Ivy District boasts the largest population of leshys in Absalom. Most of them consider the whole district their home, and sleep among trees and plants in the streets or local gardens. They are sometimes hired by district's nobles as a temporary and eccentric movable landscape decoration for their garden parties and outdoor events.[1]