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Saurians are a race of towering, tyrannosaurus-like humanoids that live in tropical forests and predate the rise of humanity.3


Saurians have the head, legs, and tail of a tyrannosaurus, but a humanoid chest and arms. They stand 20 feet tall and weigh 8,000 pounds.4


Saurians respect all life and often follow druidic teachings like the Green Faith, but consider themselves the protectors of primordial creatures and defend them violently. A few particularly warlike tribes instead worship the demon lord Zevgavizeb: they primarily wage war against other saurians, and their talent for training dinosaurs for war is unparalleled. The combination of internal power struggles and constant opposition from other saurians that view them as degenerates has kept them isolated.45

Saurians often appoint themselves as stewards and protectors of primeval creatures such as dinosaurs and mammoths. They often form a close rapport with these beings, but do not consider them to be domesticated and, indeed, find the concept of domestication to be reprehensible.3

The oldest saurians in a community, termed worldwatchers, become patient and introspective, and are respected for their wisdom and experience by their younger kin.3

On Golarion

The largest populations of saurians in the Inner Sea region inhabit the jungles and mountain ranges of Garund. Larger populations are reported to exist in southern Arcadia, and saurians have also been encountered within the vaults of the deeper sections of the Darklands.3


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