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A quetzalcoatlus.

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Warm climates
Source: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv, pg(s). 82-83

Pterosaur is the name given to a family of winged reptile species which closely resemble dinosaurs. In fact, they are often found in close proximity to dinosaurs. They range in size from the cat-sized rhamphorhynchus to the giraffe-sized quetzalcoatlus.

Other members of the family include the pteranodon and the venomous dimorphodon, which can be trained as pets or mounts for smaller humanoids.

Their wings are formed by a membrane of skin called a patagium which stretches from an elongated fourth finger to their legs. Their heads are generally elongated, containing a mouth filled with sharp teeth, and they possess long tails which are used for stability during flight. Most pterosaurs live by the water, as the majority of their diet consists of fish caught in mid-flight. They are generally very territorial, and will not hesitate to attack creatures their size or smaller which they consider a threat.1


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