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The dreaded tyrannosaurus is one of the largest of the carnivorous dinosaurs. It is often found singly or in mated pairs, though packs of up to six of these fierce creatures are not unknown. It is bipedal, but its "arms" are relatively weak in comparison to the rest of its body, and it does not use them in combat. Instead, it relies on its large teeth and extremely powerful jaw muscles to catch and kill its prey, or even swallowing smaller creatures whole. A typical specimen is 40 feet long and 14,000 pounds in weight.1

Tyrannosauruses in Golarion

Specimens of these dinosaurs have been spotted in the Screaming Jungle of the southern Mwangi Expanse,2 along with several other jungles and plains on south-central Garund.3

Summoning tyrannosauruses

See also: Conjuration

Tyrannosauruses from the Great Beyond can be summoned by potent arcane magic-users for limited periods of time,4 while druids are capable of summoning mundane (but still quite terrifying) specimens from Golarion.5


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