Dragonslayer's Handbook

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Dragonslayer's Handbook
Dragonslayer's Handbook
Author(s) Shaun Hocking, Marie Small, and Jerome Virnich
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $12.99
PDF: $9.99
Released July 11, 2013
Type Sourcebook
Binding Paperback
Pages 32 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-526-6
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Player Companion
Follows Quests & Campaigns
Precedes Pathfinder Society Primer
Artwork from Dragonslayer's Handbook

Dragonslayer's Handbook, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook by Shaun Hocking, Marie Small, and Jerome Virnich, was released on July 11, 2013.

The Lair AwaitsPrepare yourself to do battle with the ultimate monsters with Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragonslayer's Handbook. Discover the secrets of dragonkind, from devastating red dragons to venomous wyverns. Learn how to survive battle with ravenous wyrms, but also how to manipulate such creatures through guile, or even capture them alive. Master the right tactics to employ in battle against dragons of all types, including how to locate and survive their treacherous lairs—the homes of their legendary hoards. Once you know your foe, join the ranks of the Inner Sea's greatest dragon hunters, learn their tested methods, adopt their lethal gear, and employ their massive, dragon-fighting war machines. New archetypes, feats, spells, magic items, and more give you the edge against even the deadliest dragons.

No hero's career has truly begun until she's slain her first dragon—let Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragonslayer's Handbook start you on the path to legend. Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Tips to aid even the most inexperienced dragonslayers in dealing with dragons, preparing to hunt them, and forming organizations of like-minded adventurers.
  • Traits and story feats to help you create character backgrounds involving some of the most infamous draconic threats in the Inner Sea region.
  • Dozens of new traits to further ingrain your character in the world of Golarion and make sure that his first adventure isn't his last.
  • An all-new system of crafting alchemical and mundane items out of the bodies of slain dragons.
  • New magic items, spells, and feats for characters planning to do battle with dragons, whether willingly or out of necessity, including new siege weapon ammunition.


  • Way of the Slayer (4)
  • Preparing to Slay a Dragon (6)
  • Dragon Lairs (8)
  • Dealing with Dragons (10)
  • Marked by Dragons (12)
  • Lesser Dragonkind (14)
  • Draconic Anatomy (16)
  • Dragoncrafting (18)
  • Dragonslaying Organizations (20)
  • Dragonslayer Archetypes (22)
  • Battling Dragons (24)
  • Equipment and Siege Weapons (26)
  • Dragonslayer Spells (28)
  • Magic Items (30)