Dungeoneer's Handbook

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Dungeoneer's Handbook
Dungeoneer's Handbook
Author(s) Amanda Hamon, Gareth Hanrahan, David N. Ross, and Jerome Virnich
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $10.99
PDF: $9.99
Released March 8, 2013
Type Sourcebook
Binding Paperback
Pages 32 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-510-5
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Player Companion
Follows Animal Archive
Precedes Champions of Purity
Artwork from Dungeoneer's Handbook

Dungeoneer's Handbook, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook by Amanda Hamon, Gareth Hanrahan, David N. Ross, and Jerome Virnich, was released on March 8, 2013.

Brave the Depths!Perhaps no environment is more iconic, more varied, and more fearsome than the dungeon, and when you delve into the perilous, monster-infested ruins of ages lost, you need all the help you can get! Intrepid explorers in search of the ultimate tomb raider's boon need look no further than Pathfinder Player Companion: Dungeoneer's Handbook! Packed with useful tips, handy tricks, and new rules and options, this volume is a must-have for any adventurer looking to brave the world's most infamous dungeons.

Dungeoneer's Handbook presents player-focused, in-depth discussion of dungeons, their dangers, and ways to survive your exploration—whether it's your first time or your twentieth. Each Pathfinder Player Companion includes new options and tools for every Pathfinder RPG player. Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Informative and inspiring articles on iconic dungeon elements and tips on how to survive the deadly traps, monstrous inhabitants, and cursed treasures you'll undoubtedly encounter.
  • New archetypes perfect for characters that frequently find themselves deep underground or in forgotten catacombs, including the trap breaker alchemist, terra-cotta monk, and dungeon rover ranger.
  • New spells and magic items for every dungeon situation.
  • Rules for dungeon guides—informative (but oft-misleading) tomes that can be either a boon or a curse for those aimlessly wandering dungeon halls.
  • Archetypes and rules for hirelings who can take care of your estate and other mundane matters while you're away on your latest excursion.
  • New dungeon-related feats, traits, dungeoneering aides, alchemical equipment, and more!


  • For Your Character (2)
  • Dungeon Overview (4)
  • Preparing For a Dungeon (6)
  • Traps (8)
  • Monsters (10)
  • Treasures (12)
  • Dungeon Guides (14)
  • Journals of the Lost (16)
  • Famous Dungeons of Golarion (18)
  • Hirelings (20)
  • Archetypes (22)
  • Dungeoneering Equipment (24)
  • Alchemical Equipment (26)
  • Magic Items (28)
  • Redwing's Spells (30)
  • Dungeons of the Inner Sea (inside front cover)
  • Born in Darkness (inside back cover)