Fort Tempest

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Fort Tempest is a stronghold built near the Puddles district in Absalom within the Flotsam Graveyard. A family of dwarves built the fortress from the bones of a previous siege tower that Kharnas the Angel-Binder constructed during the Radiant Siege in 1619 AR.1 The extra reinforcements put into the cliffs below the fort by these same dwarves are likely the only reason it has never fallen into the sea.2

It is considered a "throwaway post" by the leaders of Absalom. Members of Starwatch and other guard factions in Absalom are stationed at Fort Tempest as punishment or to keep lackluster recruits busy and out of the way. It is poorly supplied due to its inconvenient location, and guards who reside in Fort Tempest are better off hunting for their own food outside of Absalom rather than relying on provisions. The current commander of Fort Tempest is Oirel of House Uiry who has made it a personal mission to restore the dignity of Fort Tempest and to transform the fortress's guards into an elite force.1


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