Mount Ganog

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Mount Ganog is a twin-peaked mountain in the northern Kortos Mounts, located on the Isle of Kortos within the domain of the city-state of Absalom. Not the tallest peak in the range (that title is held by Arazlant Mox), it stands at a respectable 21,000 feet high. Unlike the rest of the craggy mountains of that range, Ganog is known for its gentle slopes and small mining communities,12 but that does not mean that there are no songs and tales told about it.3

Places of interest


Mount Ganog is known to be inhabited by large numbers of yrthaks. Their ability to hunt using echolocation instead of sight gives them an advantage in its often mist-shrouded upper reaches.5 The western foothills of Mount Ganog are inhabited by centaurs of the Cangarit tribe.67


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