Flotsam Graveyard

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The Flotsam Graveyard is a large fields of shipwrecks that poses a hazard to shipping through Absalom's harbor, but serves to protect the southern portion of the city from foreign navies. No ship that carries more than six people or 500 pounds of cargo may sail through the Flotsam Graveyard helmed by its own pilot; instead, a trained helmsman from the Harbormaster's Grange must direct the craft through the hazard.1 The Graveyard is patrolled by the Pilot's Guild, which alone knows a safe route through the tangled mess of wreckage, the Starwatch, which protects the city from its headquarters upon the cliffs above,2 and the hippocampus-riding members of the Wave Riders.3 A tax is assessed by the city for the use of a pilot as well as the docking fee, which captains pay because any ship that wrecks in the harbor is forfeit to the primarch.1 These pilots are both well trained and well paid, and many sailors aspire to the position.[citation needed]

Although not officially a district itself, the Flotsam Graveyard is not within The Docks district either. It is the domain of the Pilots' Guild and the Starwatch, and receives a low seat on the Grand Council. Outsiders are rarely permitted to stay in the area long due to its importance as a defense against Absalom's enemies.4 Even so, some organisations (such as the Pathfinder Society) have been allowed to operate in the area for short amounts of time.[citation needed]

Along the western edge of Absalom's harbor lies the floating prison known as the Black Whale. Pilot Island is also a prominent feature of the area.5


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