Radiant Siege

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The Radiant Siege was a failed attempt by Kharnas the Angel-Binder to conquer the city of Absalom in 1619 AR.1

Kharnas attacked Absalom with an army of enslaved celestials and was initially very successful. He first seized control of the Western Point and there constructed a massive siege tower from which to further invade Absalom, utilising his bound angelic force to move and protect the engine.1

It was later discovered that Kharnas had the intention of destroying Absalom and binding the souls of the dead to fuel the powers of the artifact known as the Radiant Spark. He also sought to claim the Starstone for his shadowy patron, Tegresin.2


In order to defend Absalom from future sieges, Fort Tempest was constructed on the Western Point, atop the ruined remains of the would-be conqueror's tower, as the conflict had proven that the location was vulnerable. The fort is largely a reworked and expanded version of Kharnas' siege tower, though efforts were made to keep to the standards of Azlanti Keep. The structure has since grown and expanded further.3

Furthermore, the Radiant Festival was established the following year to celebrate the courage and tenacity of Absalom's defenders.4


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