Azlanti Keep

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Azlanti Keep
(City district)

Republic (district council)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 17–20

Azlanti Keep is a stone fortress in the city of Absalom that is so massive, it is considered its own city district.12 From its elevated vantage point along the northern walls of the city, the citadel is in a prime location to defend against overland invaders.1 In addition to serving as a military stronghold, the keep also houses the city watch and the First Guard, an elite force of warriors, wizards, and scouts dedicated solely to uncovering and quelling threats to the city's safety.1 The structure draws its name from its distinctive Azlanti-influenced architecture, including wide balconies and an immense flat roof accessible from the inside. These are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide platforms for siege equipment.1 This design is believed to have been created by the Last Azlanti himself.32

Places of Interest

Notable locations within Azlanti Keep include the following:2

People of Note

Retired captain Wynsal Starborn holds the district seat on the Grand Council.4 Chun Hye-Seung currently serves as Captain of the First Guard, a position granted to him by Starborn after the previous Captain, Rothos of House Vastille, was slain by the Whispering Tyrant.5


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