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Vice City
Large city
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 11f.

Escadar is a city on the Isle of Erran off the north coast of the Isle of Kortos. It houses a city-sized military outpost, acting as one of Absalom's primary bases of naval operations.23


The harbor city of Escadar was established in 4138 AR4 by Absalom's government near the existing site of St. Sarnax, an ancient training academy and esoteric library of the Knights of the Aeon Star. It was named after a hero of the Pirate Siege.53 Escadar served at first as a shipyard and warehouse to aid Absalom against naval blockades, but the town quickly grew as workers and naval officers moved to the Isle of Erran.2


Escadar's governing body, the Lesser Council (consisting of retired ship captains and young relatives of members of the Absalom Grand Council), has also been known to grant letters of marque to civilian ships committed to fighting piracy in the waters around the Isle of Kortos itself.2

Naval base

Escadar is the home of the majority of the ships of Absalom's navy, and its harbor generally holds scores of warships.35 Beyond its continuing function as a reserve navy for times of siege, the military vessels quartered here operate throughout the Inner Sea and as far south as the Obari Ocean in a constant effort to hamper piracy in the region.2

Due to its role as a home of sailors and soldiers, the town hosts numerous gambling dens, brothels, drinking holes, fighting rings, and drug houses.3 These dens of iniquity are freely tolerated as long as they pay heavy taxes to fund additional city services and submit to inspection by any officer at any time.3

Embassy of the gillmen

Escadar is the only terrestrial city with an embassy of the Low Azlanti, housed in the House of the Cresting Wave, locally known as "Wet-House". The gillmen offer information on the sea, dredge treasures from the sea floor to sell at local markets, meet with officials from the Low Council and Absalom, train the hippocampus trainers who in turn train the Wave Riders, and (it is rumored) travel through an underground river to the ocean. The gillmen are often seen worshiping at the abandoned Azlanti ruins at the town's center, or partaking in Escadar's many warrens of vice.3


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