Starwatch Keep

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The imposing Starwatch Keep is an enormous fortification perched on the cliffs overlooking Absalom Harbor with views of Pilot Island, the Flotsam Graveyard, and the city as a whole.1


The fort houses the Starwatch, the law enforcement and internal defense force that keeps peace within the city as a whole. In comparison, the First Guard of Azlanti Keep protects the city from external threats, while the authority of the various district watches does not extend beyond their neighborhoods. The military community of Dawnfoot, located on the peninsula to the northeast of the keep, is home to the officers, families, servants and laborers required to support Starwatch. Both the keep and the neighborhood are located outside of the walls of the city.12


Asilia of Gyr is the current commander of Starwatch Keep, and therefore of the Starwatch.3


Starwatch Keep was built after the Siege of Prophets in 1298 AR, when enemy forces nearly breached the Postern Gate, located just to the north of the keep. At that time, the Grand Council decided that a new fortification was needed to reinforce the Postern Gate and attack any enemy ships in the harbor by means of siege weapons.34


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