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Magical beast
Any aquatic
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 155

A hippocampus is a horse built for the sea. Instead of hooves, they have fins at the end of their front legs. The hindquarters do not even have legs, instead ending in a fish tail. They can appear in a number of colors, ranging from dark green to bright white, many include shades of blue and/or silver. They are tamed for use as steeds or beasts of burden by aquatic races like merfolk and locathah, valued for their strength, speed, and intelligence. In the wild, hippocampi travel shallow waters in small herds, eating seaweed.1

Hippocampi in Golarion

The hippocampus is one of the two mascots of the city of Absalom2. This is because Absalom is the only land-based country with a sea cavalry, the Wave Riders. These knights ride hippocampi on scouting and hit and run missions on enemy ships.3


There are numerous breeds or species of hippocampus that differ from the standard breed in subtle ways, such as possessing better reflexes or greater toughness. One especially hardy and powerful variety is the polar hippocampus, native to arctic waters. The giant hippocampus is an enormous beast that dwells in the deepest seas.1


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