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Flag of Shokuro.

Kingdom of Exiled Samurai
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 38

The Successor State of Shokuro was once the breadbasket of Imperial Lung Wa but after the empire's demise, it fell to tyranny. Now it is ruled by Shokuro Toriaka, an honourable samurai who rescued the former province from oppression.1


For years under Lung Wa, the provinces that would become Shokuro were the bread basket of the empire and its people suffered terribly for it, being forced to work day and night to keep the food flowing.1 After the empire's collapse in 4606 AR, the leaders of its four provinces fought amongst each other for supremacy, until the land's once fertile fields were destroyed. In its weakened state, the people of Shokuro could not properly defend themselves when Lingshenese armies invaded soon thereafter. The victors forced the people back into the fields, inflicting terrible cruelties upon them to keep them in line. They eventually united behind Shokuro Toriaka, a banished Minkan lord, in 4676 AR and drove the occupying armies back to Lingshen.2


Shokuro is still most famous for the fertility of its lands, and while it is no longer the breadbasket for fallen Lung Wa, it still provides food for much of Tian Xia and, in particular, neighbouring Lingshen. Shokuro lies almost in the heart of Tian Xia; to its south, it is bordered by its much larger, militarily superior neighbour Lingshen while, to its north, lies the elven nation of Jinin, and the new Taldan kingdom of Amanandar. To its east lie the haunted peaks of the Gossamer Mountains, marking its border with the terrible land of Shenmen, while to its west lies the shallow Sea of Eels, which serves as the the primary trade route over which Shokuro's agricultural bounty flows out to the rest of the continent.2


Shokuro is still ruled by the man who founded it, Shokuro Toriaka. Toriaka not only liberated the land but has proven to be a tactical genius with a brilliant eye for defence which has, so far, kept the neighbouring military kingdom of Lingshen at bay. Shokuro Toriaka is supported by the Four Pillars, a group of four families who formerly ruled the different provinces of Shokuro. They help Toriaka rule from the capital of Mukinami but they still sometimes struggle to put aside their former rivalries.2 Shokuro is a fledgling nation still struggling with external threats and much of its military strength is expended protecting its borders. In the rural heartlands, far from the bustling cities, many smaller villages now find themselves dangerously undefended.3


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