Collectors of the Abattoir

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Collectors of the Abattoir

Citywide (Vyre)
Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 68

The Collectors of the Abattoir serve as corpse collectors for the city of Vyre, gathering the city's bodies for cremation in the Blissful Abattoir or, at least, so it appears. In truth, the Collectors of the Abattoir are not the civic-minded worshippers of an obscure psychopomp usher that they claim to be; they are, in fact, devotees of the deceptive god Norgorber in his aspect as the Gray Master. Unbeknownst to the rest of the City of Masks, the Collectors of the Abattoir do not cremate the dead but, instead, sell them to all manner of sinister organisations for reanimation as undead and purposes even fouler. They are led by Quentin Crabb, a consummate liar who has helped maintain their image as orange-clad, plague-mask-wearing servants of the death goddess even in the face of investigations by the church of Pharasma itself.1


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