Blissful Abattoir

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Vyre has no room for wasteful graves, The Blissful Abattoir instead suffices. Located in the Graystone neighbourhood of the Pauper's Palace district, the Blissful Abattoir is home of the Collectors of the Abattoir who gather the bodies of the local dead. Clad in orange and wearing the pointed beak-masks of plague doctors the Collectors of the Abattoir claim to be worshippers of an obscure psychopomp usher who provide cremation services to the city. In truth, they are worshippers of Norgorber in his aspect as the Gray Master and, instead of more obviously valuable trinkets, the Collectors of the Abattoir steal the bodies they collect for grim purposes including reanimation as undead. Lead by the devout cleric of Norgorber, Quentin Crabb, the Collectors have succeeded for generations in fooling everyone with their ruse, include investigators from the Church of Pharasma.1


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