Sewers (Vyre)

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The Sewers of Vyre are as ancient as the city itself but are well maintained by many guilds and organisations that use these tunnels for various nefarious purposes. Due to the heavy influence of the secretive god Norgorber over the city of Vyre, its sewers are riddled with thieves' dens, concealed shrines, hidden vaults, and all manner of other sinister constructions. Despite how heavily trafficked Vyre's sewers are, large swathes are still controlled by monstrous creatures ranging from trash-eating otyughs to tribes of kobolds, xulgaths, faceless stalkers, and even more powerful creatures such as nagas, and even Darklands-dwelling seugathi that lair within its deepest depths. Those criminal elements who travel the sewers tend to avoid these monstrous infestations, but the sewers are still a dangerous place for anyone to venture through.1