Heretic's Row

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Heretic's Row is the name given to a street that runs through the Bliss district of the city of Vyre. Heretic's Row was once lined with temples but, as the faithful of Norgorber began exerting their fell influence over the city, they began subtly driving those of other faiths out and now, these former temples are put to blasphemous use. It has become tradition that whenever one of Vyre's brothels, gambling halls, or drug dens becomes successful, they take over one of the abandoned churches. The rents on these properties is incredibly high and few businesses can endure them for long, so Heretic's Row is a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of debauchery. Theoretically, many of the buildings are empty due to the astronomically high rent but, in reality, those not home to a successful venture are usually filled with squatters ranging from lone madmen to criminal gangs and strange cults.1

The one exception to this is the Cathedral of Abadar, which has long served as the home of one of Vyre's most insidious cults, the Scarlet Sign. Founded centuries ago by Vissagho, a vrolikai demon, the Scarlet Sign maintain powerful political links across the city, because of which Vyre's rulers make sure to leave the Cathedral of Abadar 'unoccupied'.1


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