Dunrock Turnkeys

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Dunrock Turnkeys

Citywide (Vyre)
Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 67

The Dunrock Turnkeys serve as the jailers of the notorious Dunrock Prison in the city of Vyre. Unbeknownst to their fellow citizens, they are also cultists devoted to Norgorber in his aspect as the Skinsaw Man. The Dunrock Turnkeys are made up mostly of humans and half-orcs but also count a smattering of the devious, spider-like shapeshifters know as jorogumo amongst their numbers. They are led by one of the secret Kings of Vyre, Delaraius Solzakarr, the King of Keys. While the Dunrock Turnkeys rule the upper levels of Dunrock Prison, selecting amongst its inmates for bloody sacrifice, rumour has it they have lost control of its deepest depths to some brand of unknown horror.1


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