Masks of Vyre

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Masks of Vyre

Citywide (Vyre)
Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 68

The Masks of Vyre are not a single organisation but a grouping of several smaller organisations that each serve a similar role and share a similar structure. All these smaller groups are also known as Masks and they are:

Each of these groups serves the King or Queen of Vyre with which they share a name. These Masks each serve their respective Kings and Queens as equal part guards and enforcers, helping them to implement their whims and schemes across the broad civic areas each ruler has dominance over. As every King and Queen of Vyre keeps their identity secret, so the Masks of Vyre, as organisations, are fairly insular. The exceptions to this insularity are the Masks of Keys and the Masks of Whispers, both of whom are secretly controlled by the Church of Norgorber, and they share secrets with each other to both groups' benefit.1


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