Pauper's Palace

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Pauper's Palace is the largest district in the Chelish city of Vyre and covers all of its residential neighbourhoods. Pauper's Palace serves the city's residents as an escape from the hustle, bustle, and sheer debauchery of districts like Bliss and the Vise. The application process to become a citizen of Vyre is long and arduous but the city does not discriminate making Pauper's Palace a place of incredible diversity with people of every species, race, religion, sexual orientation, and political persuasion. Pauper's Palace consists of several different neighbourhoods, the richest of which are Sunshade and Westwatch, followed by the more middle-class Duskwalk, Graystone, and Nettles, and the city's largest slums Whispers. The centre of Pauper's Palace is its largest neighbourhood, the River District.1


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