Caldaru (human ethnicity)

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The Caldaru people are an Arcadian ethnic group who make up a minority population in Xopatl.[1] An immigrant Caldaru population can be found in the city of Senghor in the Mwangi Expanse; many years after making their home in the Mwangi Expanse, they only recall that their ancestors came from a distant land and have lost contact with Arcadia but retain their unique culture and language, distinctive from those of the Mwangi peoples who make up a majority of the Expanse's population.[2][3]

In appearance, they are tall, with dark tan or olive skin, straight dark hair, and green or blue eyes.[3] This makes them somewhat similar in appearance to the Lirgeni who once lived in the northern part of what is now the Sodden Lands.[2]

They are renowned sailors and diplomats, making Senghor a popular place for trade, and skilled engineers who have built the city to withstand powerful storms. The city's Caldaru-dominated navy also expertly defends the city from pirates. This combination of traits lends credence to theories that the Caldaru originated from a lost seafaring power.[3]


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