Trade Palace

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The Trade Palace is a unique pseudo-castle located north of the Gate of Winds in the Karazh capital of Ular Kel. The Trade Palace was built to serve as a temporary home for any of the Kara horse tribes that are visiting Ular Kel to trade. Due to the Kara's preference for the nomadic lifestyle, the Trade Palace, while impressive, has no roofs or outer walls; each tribe adds their own tents and yurts to effectively 'complete' the palace. When inhabited, the Trade Palace becomes a riot of beautiful colours, each tribe displaying its exquisite textiles. The Trade Palace was built as a gift (the Horse Tribes would say righteous tribute) by the Water Lords of Ular Kel for all of the Kara tribes. No tribes, even the 13 great tribes, spend too long at the Trade Palace, as it was intended to be shared by all.1


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