Altyn Batyr

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Altyn Batyr

Water Lord, Han
Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 57

Water Lord Altyn Batyr was the founder and first Water Lord of Ular Kel, the city that now serves as the de facto capital of Karazh. When first he visited the region that would one day become Ular Kel, it was nothing more than a small oasis. At the time, Altyn was only the Han of a small Kara horse tribe with some spell casting ability but little political power (his was not one of the 13 great tribes). He came up with the idea of fortifying this ideally located oasis and charging the other Kara for access to it. Initially, Altyn and his tribe were mocked by the other Kara as the "Dead Tribe", as to the nomadic Kara only the dead stay still. However, Altyn's plan took shape and proved to be extremely lucrative, quickly growing from an armed camp to a fortress and then into a full-blown settlement as Ular Kel attracted merchant lords, caravan guards, and exiles of all sorts to this new city.1


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