Loyeru Shieldbreaker

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Loyeru Shieldbreaker

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 62

Loyeru Shieldbreaker, along with Mitrae the Wise, was one of the two founders of the mystic practice now known as the Iridian Fold. In 3789 AR, two men known only as Teacher wondered out of the Grass Sea and into the city of Ular Kel. Chained together, this pair moved and spoke in perfect unison that revealed a connection at a fundamental level. Together, they sought out an audience with the reigning Water Lords who ruled the city. Despite being completely unarmed, Teacher managed to overcome every guard the Water Lords could throw at them. Eventually a pair of lovers who were also sons of the ruling Water Lords, Loyeru and Mitrae, descended from one of the Water Houses. They were so impressed by what they saw that they immediately become disciples of Teacher. For a decade until 3799 AR, Loyeru and Mitrae studied beneath Teacher, blending their souls together and becoming szerik until one day Teacher simply walked back into the Grass Sea to never be seen again. Loyeru and Mitrae took over leadership of the Iridian Fold.1


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