Sogys Taramai

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Sogys Taramai

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 63 (1E)

Sogys Taramai was effectively the man responsible for the modern-day nation of Karazh by uniting the Kara people. In 417 AR, the Padishah Emperor of Kelesh set his sights on the 'unsettled' steppes of modern-day Karazh and sent his general, Hasham Niar, east into these lands, promising him this new satrapy as reward for his conquest. Hasham led thousands upon thousand of soldiers and settlers into the Grass Sea, putting to the sword any Kara he encountered. In response, a young Sogys Taramai began uniting the disparate Kara horse tribes and fighting back against the invading Kelesh. The combination of Sogys' leadership and the near-psychic bond that the Kara have with their horses gave the horse tribes the advantage. Sogys and his warriors began mercilessly pushing the invaders out of their land. Sogys received a mortal blow during the final battle against the Padishah Empire while slaying the general Hasham Niar. With his dying breath, he swore to return to his people one day and lead them to the "Land of No Winters" a semi-mythical place believed to be either Heaven or Kelesh.1


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