Statue of Altyn Batyr

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The Statue of Altyn Batyr now sits in the district of Khoretz in the Karazh capital of Ular Kel but is so ancient that it probably once stood outside of the city. The statue depicts Altyn Batyr, the first Water Lord of Ular Kel. The statue shows Altyn wearing a starched jacket and pointing eastward. A strange event occurs on the summer solstice: anyone who touches the statue's head suddenly sees a red stripe zigzagging off into the city. No two peoples' lines lead the same way and this effect lasts only until midnight. However, rumour claims that one of these lines leads to the secret tomb of Altyn Batyr, although to date no one has found it. This has led to the holiday of Founder's Folly when a strange mix of local children and heavily armed adventurers chase their individual lines throughout the city seeking treasure, much to the amusement of the rest of the city's residents.1


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