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(City district)
Plane Axis
Nation Axis
Size Metropolis
Population 34,075
Demographics 21,467 petitioners, 3,185 humans, 2,326 axiomites, 622 inevitables, 6,475 other
Government Council
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Chacoom Vul Croafto, Hlati, Jolmulk, Trakt Imil

Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 62–67

Sayashto—also referred to as the 32nd district of the Zdareen, 131st department—is one of the thousands of city-sized districts of Axis. It borders the districts of Blue Cobble, Halgrimard, Ilkiston, and Silver Hill, and is connected through its canal system to the elevated district of Pralvania and the industrial district of Clangfallow.[1]


Sayashto's chief export is the yashtoma gourd. The yashtoma has a number of practical uses, as its dried husks can be used to store water, its flesh as an additive to animal feed, and its dried and ground seeds to brew a beverage known as yasht. Sayashto trades with its neighboring districts in Axis, and maintains trade relations with numerous other worlds. These trade contracts include Castrovel, where the lashunta of Qabarat's trade provides a growing market for yasht and manufactured goods imported from Halgrimard.[1]


Sayashto is notable among Axis' ordered cityscapes for its seemingly unplanned layout, possessing entire districts composed of asymmetric alleys winding among irregularly shaped buildings. This is in part due to the fact that the citizens of Sayashto, alongside those of several other districts of Zdareen, prefer to celebrate civilization as a living and evolving concept rather than a sterile and static ideal. Consequently, the city has undergone numerous renovations over its history, raising foundations, redirecting streets, and rearranging the urban landscape. Additionally, Sayashto's mortuary industry also leads to it being one of the most rapidly expanding regions of the plane, as it hosts numerous petitioners who, as they gradually lose their sense of self, meld with the matrix of the plane itself. As a result, Sayashto physically expands by dozens of square feet every year, further altering its layout.[1]


Sayashto, like all of Axis' districts, is governed by strict rule of law. Sayashto's government recognizes the laws and regulations common to Axis and those passed down by the Zdareen's Axiomite Assembly, which cover property ordinances, zoning laws, and personal protections intended to safeguard individuals' physical safety and property. Outside of these areas, Sayashto is free to establish its own internal laws, and funds its projects and government through its own tax collection.[1]

Sayashto is governed by a five-member council, whose members serve 2,000-day terms. Elections are held at staggered 500-day intervals to prevent drastic changes to the city's governing body. The council's positions are the the Councilor of Canals, the Councilor of Graves, the Councilor of Laws, and the Councilor of Seeds.[2]

  • The Councilor of Canals oversees the Sayashto's roads, bridges, and waterways, in addition to representing the interests of neighboring districts. To be eligible for this post, a citizen must have lived ten years within Sayashto and ten within any other part of Axis.[2]
  • The Councilor of Gates oversees the district's external policy, including visitor policies, immigration, publicity, and Sayashto's relationships with other districts of Axis and other planes. To be eligible for this post, a citizen must have lived in Sayashto for less than twenty years.[2]
  • The Councilor of Graves oversees the mortuary industry and presides over religious celebrations. To be eligible for this post, a citizen must have lived in Sayashto for 200 years.[2]
  • The Councilor of Laws, unlike the other members, is not elected but is appointed to their role by Aktun. Their role is to represent Axis as a whole and serve in an advisory capacity. They are the only member with the power to veto the council's measures entirely.[2]
  • The Councilor of Seeds represents Sayashto's yashtoma gourd industry, and oversees agricultural matters, the district's parks, and pest control. To be eligible for this post, a citizen must have lived in Sayashto for at least twenty years and have participated in at least ten harvests.[2]


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