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Immaculate Circle

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Immaculate Circle

Secret society
Underground beneath Hyden, Porthmos Prefecture, Taldor
Achieving immortality; manipulating Taldan politics
Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 90

The Immaculate Circle is a Taldan secret society comprised of aristocrats dedicated to overcoming death itself and manipulating the leadership of Taldor for its own aims.1


The organisation was founded in 4492 AR.2


The society was founded on the ideal that death is a price paid only by lesser folk and not by the nobility. As a result, to wield any power within the Immaculate Circle, members must find their own, unique path to escape death.2

While individual members are free to pursue their own goals, the primary aim of the Immaculate Circle is to manipulate and control Taldan politics (and ideally the Grand Prince himself). The organisation's success is questionable, however, despite the impressive powers at its disposal: its members scheme and collect politicians, but ultimately achieve little, as they understand that rash actions could jeopardize their comfortable status quo. The society also suffers from stagnation as it has landed with the same leadership and mindset for over 200 years.2

While the Circle imagines itself one of the true powers in Taldan politics, in practise, it serves as little more than a secret clubhouse for a few dozen wealthy aristocrats who sometimes trade in secrets and favors.3


The organisation is headed by an Inner Council comprised of nobles who have successfully achieved immortality.3


The primary headquarters are hidden in their stronghold beneath the ghost town of Hyden in the Hyden Marches.4


Due to their combined wealth, contacts, impressive arcane magic, and resources, the Immaculate Circle has numerous allies and servants at their disposal.

  • The Secret Shade: A favoured assassin of the Immaculate Circle. This summoned killer delights in the society's machinations.5
  • Thassritoum: The most powerful ally of the Immaculate Circle, Thassritoum is a kimenhul sahkil with powers over life and death.6


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