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Grand Prince is the hereditary title given to the emperor of Taldor, who wears the Primogen Crown. The Grand Prince has near-absolute authority as long as he maintains good relations with the Taldan army. By law, the title was traditionally passed via primogeniture—from the father to the eldest son. This law was overturned by the Taldan Senate in 4718 AR thus allowing female heirs to take the mantle. There were numerous times in Taldor's history when rule was passed to a related family with only a tenuous claim to the throne, but this only occurred when there was no direct male heir and thus the law of primogeniture did not apply.1

The current Grand Princess of Taldor is Eutropia Stavian, the daughter of the previous Grand Prince Stavian III.2


Among their numerous powers, the Grand Prince has the authority to elevate a commoner to the ranks of the nobility during a yearly event known as the Grand Day of Exaltation,3 and to fill empty spaces in the Imperial Senate as they deem fit.4

As part of the coronation ceremony, the legendary relic known as the Primogen Crown is bonded to the new emperor.5


The title of Grand Prince was first coined by Taldaris of Oppara, who conquered the disparate city-states along the eastern shores of the Inner Sea to found the nation of Taldor in -1281 AR.6


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