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Secret Shade

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The Secret Shade

Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 58f.

The Secret Shade is the unique fiendish shadow of an assassin that serves Norgorber, the god that used to be his rival while both lived their mortal lives.1


The man that would become the Secret Shade was a merciless master assassin in life, who had no foes to match his skill. He started to search for a rival, and when he found Norgorber, he introduced himself by stealing a kill. Norgorber proved himself a worthy rival by outperforming the assassin at every turn. Eventually, the assassin thought that he was gaining the upper hand in Absalom, but the trail ran cold at the Starstone Cathedral: Norgorber finished the Test of the Starstone and emerged as a deity.1

It was only at this point that Norgorber saw the assassin as a threat, for he could connect his divine anonymity to his mortal past. The newly ascended god killed his rival, kicked his corpse into the moat surrounding the Starstone Cathedral, purged his memories, and turned his shadow into his first minion.1

The Secret Shade remembers little of its mortal life, other than an urge for the validation that it never received. For centuries, it has accumulated pieces of information about the past, but never connecting more than a few fragments, while also working as a summoned assassin for the Immaculate Circle.1


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