Crimson Coin

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Crimson Coin is a bustling two-story tavern and gambling house located in the Foreign Quarter in the city of Absalom.1 It was one of the bars at which the Pathfinder Society was founded on 23 Desnus, 4307 AR.2


Writings of founding Pathfinder Kerinha Napsunar recovered in 4719 AR confirmed the sequence of events that led to the Pathfinder Society's founding — that the ideas coalesced during a pub crawl from the Pig's Paunch to the Crimson Coin and Vert Pippen, then ending at the Wounded Wisp.2


The tavern is a fairly standard alehouse in many respects. It contains a large, open mead-hall, rooms for rent by the hour, and a large fire pit. However, the Crimson Coin is regularly crowded by gamblers, sycophants and gladiators from the Irorium, and its prosperity and popularity stems from the fact that it is the only place where legal bets can be made on gladiatorial events (outside the Irorium itself).1 Gasporian works as bookie in the Crimson Coin and is also an ally of the Sanguine Beasts, a criminal gang operating in the district.3

Even when the arena closes, betting continues on vicious bouts in a pit in the center of the tavern. The earthen pit is located in the center of the mead hall and is roped off to prevents drunks from stumbling into it. For the price of a gold piece, challengers can prove their worth in a brutal bare-knuckled brawl. Substantial wealth can be won if the brave soul can survive 60 seconds against the house champion.1

Not surprisingly, the tavern is home to a large number of gladiators from the Irorium. Young warriors (especially female) often come here to rest and seek the attention of the more professional gladiators.1

The den is run by the district councilman (and ex-gladiator) Torman Iates, who he himself has hired into his service a fair number of female gladiators.4


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