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This article describes the named position within the Pathfinder Society's School of Spells. For the school's leader, see Master of Spells.

A Spellmaster of the Pathfinder Society serves its School of Spells among the organization's researchers, teachers, and agents.1


All Spellmasters are required to be spellcasters but can come from any magical tradition and culture, leading to specialized training. After proving their abilities, a prospective Spellmaster can either apply for the position or be invited to do so; all prospects are then interviewed and tested, with each open-ended experience uniquely designed by a current Spellmaster.1

As of 4720 AR the Society was actively recruiting Spellmasters to replenish ranks depleted by numerous crises.1

Notable Spellmasters

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The current Master of Spells as of 4723 AR, Sorrina Westyr, was a Spellmaster before assuming the role. Other notable Spellmasters include:


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