Guaril Karela

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Guaril Karela
Guaril Karela.
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Class Rogue 11
Gender Male
Homeland Varisia (But resides in Absalom)
Organization Sczarni

Source: Pathfinder Society Field Guide, pg(s). 20

Guaril Karela is the mastermind behind most of the Sczarni activity in and around Absalom and Varisia, a criminal empire he grew from a small operation in Absalom in 4709 AR to a dominant position among Sczarni families by 4713 AR. He keeps a low profile, once working the counter of his curio shop in the Docks, the Pickled Imp, and later going into hiding as his Varisian ambitions generated several powerful new enemies.[1][2]

Qadiran Trade Prince Aaqir al'Hakam approached Guaril in 4714 AR to join The Exchange, a new trade syndicate formed from the assets of the former Qadira faction of the Pathfinder Society.


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