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Eylysia is a founding member of the Pathfinder Society, and witnessed the first century of its development — while also seeking to rein in its most dangerous practices, and later its systemic corruption — before being accused of assassinating a member of its leadership, the Decemvirate, and going into hiding.123


Eylysia is a gnome woman with feathered, pale teal hair, long pointed eyebrows that extend far past the sides of her face, tanned skin, and blue tattoo-like markings.4


Eylysia was a known associate of the nine founding Pathfinders, alongside Durvin Gest, Gregaro Voth, Inali Buvgram, Kerinha Napsunar, Noyta Gleddirow, Selmius Foster, Adolphus, and Toriah al-Myran.2 Foster long held suspicions of Eylysia, particularly that her published output had been nearly one-third of his despite undertaking a similar number of expeditions, and he and his assistant Adolphus recorded various observations of her in their journals.15

She was also an acquaintance or friend of:


Founding the Pathfinder Society

Eylysia was one of the nine known adventurers present at the Pig's Paunch in Absalom on 23 Desnus, 4307 AR, when discussions of their work led to the formation of a group that, by the end of a drunken pub crawl across the city ending at the Wounded Wisp tavern, would call itself the Pathfinder Society.2

In the decade following that night, Eylysia repeatedly traversed the Inner Sea to witness and record events of historical importance for publication in affiliation with the Society.2

In 4321 AR, she joined Gregaro Voth and Noyta Gleddirow as members of the Society's first Decemvirate.9

During her tenure, she debated the Society's tendency to publish potentially harmful information as part of its mission to report its findings. Unable to bring herself to destroy such information, she hid the secrets in many places, particularly in hidden troves across Absalom.1

Dispute and disappearance

A violent internal coup in 4411 AR led to the Decemvirate retiring and its successors adopting masks for anonymity.1 Despite the secrecy, Eylysia was familiar enough with the Society's membership to identify some of the new members of the Decemvirate as having appalling records of malfeasance and deceit, attempted to confront three of them with evidence, and instead fought and killed one of them before fleeing.

The accused Decemvirate reframed the incident as an assassination attempt, the truth of which was not contested until Kreighton Shaine came into possession of her notes of the incident.3 Before those revelations, the Decemvirate took a bounty out for her capture,10 and she subsequently disappeared into hiding, where she remained for more than five centuries.11

Discovery and re-emergence

In 4719 AR, she was located by the Society in hiding on Red Mantis-controlled Mediogalti Island.121314 During the intervening centuries, she covertly worked with Grandmaster Torch to deduce the identities of all of the Decemvirate's members.15

Her return confirmed some persistent mysteries about the Society, such as revealing the treachery of Vahlo Huovar10 and confirming the roles of the Wounded Wisp and Pig's Paunch taverns in the Society's founding,2 and also helped the Society form new factions that refocused its mission on archaeology and exploration.16

Hidden findings

Eylysia was rumored to have discovered or explored numerous locations that went without reporting, or had hidden notes from others' findings to prevent their publication. She encoded some of her hidden findings in a cypher, and obscured them by writing them in an obscure Azlanti dialect.17 Some of the recovered findings include:


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