Janira Gavix

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Janira Gavix
Janira Gavix.

4689 AR (age 35)
Source: The Confirmation, pg(s). 22

Janira Gavix is Head Initiate and ranking member of the Pathfinder Society well-known to new initiates. Known for her enthusiasm with a knack for teaching new agents she also manages many aspects of initiate life not directly related to the three schools of Sword, Scroll and Spells.1

Her discovery of the Pilgrim's Cave in the foothills of the Kortos Mountains is one of her more recent accomplishments.2 She has a life-long love of learning,3 and aspires to become a Pathfinder Chronicler.[citation needed]

Janira job as Head Initiate entails assisting new members thrive at the Grand Lodge and survive their first few years in the Society. She ensures a smooth transition from student to field agent, often giving graduates the motivation they need to excel. Her excitable and gregarious personality makes her well suited to this role.45


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